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Emily Peterson of Huntington Beach makes Dean's List...News
Made in Huntington Beach show coming back..News2
Costa Mesa has been designated as a Playful City USA community...News3
Former HB deputy city manager is now Anaheim City Manager...News4
Victim of a homicide ID'd as54-year-old Xuan Liu...News5
An American Soldier Writes Home of Life During the Korean Comflict of 1952
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Progressive Bioethicists Encouraging the Killing of Newborn Babies...Feature
Pastor prays at school, district fined $7.5K...Feature2
Gun laws don't deter the bad guys...Feature3
Transgender barred from men's room testifies in sex discrimination case...Feature4
The Sanctuary Scandal...Feature5
Third term? 'I'm a pretty good president. I think if I ran, I could win.'...Feature6
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Prescription drugs in a disaster or emergency
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Germ-spreading ‘splash dance’ not good with poultry


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HB Police arrest rape suspect


NuVision Federal Credit Union Awards Local Students


The 3rd Annual Mission Viejo / Saddleback Valley Elks Ladies Club Luau


Santa Ana Suspect Arrested and Charged with Child Homicide


Government sells Mt. Soledad cross land to La Jolla veterans group


World’s Best Female Surfers Light Up Vans US Open of Surfing


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